What sudden vision loss is and what to do if you experience it

dangers of temporary blindnessIf you experience sudden blindness, you should visit a medical professional immediately. Temporary blindness typically occurs in only one eye, and it lasts for a few minutes. It may be a complete loss of vision or an extreme blurriness. Because it goes away so quickly, you may shrug it off as a minor incident and go on the rest of your day as if there is no problem, but by doing this you may be ignoring a severe condition.

What you need to know about your eyebrows

facts about your eyebrowsHuman beings depend on their sight more than any of the other four senses. Because of this, it’s important to protect your eyes. Too much air, too much light, or coming in contact with touch or the tiniest of foreign objects disturbs the eyes and upsets your ability to see.

Why you should have more appreciation for your eyelashes

facts about your eyelashesEyelashes aren’t a part of our bodies that we regularly think about — until one of them comes loose and falls into your eye. That’s when eyelashes transform from a blip off our radar to a full-blown nuisance as we attempt to get the fallen lash out of our eye.

How television affects your eyes & why you shouldn't be concerned

effects of television on eyesYou may remember hearing as a child that if you sit too close to the television you are going to ruin your eyes. This is a common myth that has been told in households across America since the 1960s when General Electric released a television that emitted too much radiation. The television was quickly recalled, but the mentality that sitting too close to a TV leads to harm has stuck around for the past half century.

The facts about eye color and your vision

facts about eye colorThe most common eye color in the world is brown. It makes up for more than half of the world’s population followed by blue and hazel eyes at a distant tie for second place with eight percent of the world’s population each. Other colors, like green and amber and silver, are more rare and account for a small percentage of people across the earth. With such a variety of color, it becomes an area of interest to learn if one color provides a visual advantage over the other.

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