Important facts to know about your eyelid health

eyelid health disordersEvery day your eyelids work hard to keep your eyes healthy and safe. They help your eyes stay moist, wipe away dirt and dust, and protect against incoming foreign objects and light. As part of your overall eye health care, it’s important you remember to have your eyelids examined during your routine check-up.

Eyes stinging after swimming in a pool

stinging eyes from swimming in a poolSince summer is here, many people are going to be hitting the pools to cool off and have fun. One of the most common problems you can expect from pool water are itchy, burning, red eyes. This condition usually fades after some time, but in some cases your eyes can continue to burn. Learn the facts about how pools burn your eyes, how to prevent this from happening, how to treat the problem, and when to visit a professional.

What you need to know about eye floaters

what are floaters in eyesHave you ever been looking at something only to be interrupted by a couple of nearly-opaque strings floating across your vision? They hover around for a short time only to drift to the edge of your field of vision and disappear. You’ve probably wondered what these floating objects are, and no, you’re not crazy. You’re not seeing things that aren’t there -- they aren’t ghosts, and they aren’t aliens. These floating visions are real parts of your eye that are completely natural occurrences.

Don’t stare at the sun!

Don’t stare at the sun!

eye damage sunYou’ve probably been told to not look directly at the sun. If you’ve ever glanced at the sun, you know it doesn’t take that long to want to close your eyes and look away. Sunlight is harsh, and projects rays of light that we can’t see, but we can certainly feel. A few seconds of looking at the sun can make your eyes feel sore for a short time or leave a small dark circle in your vision for a minute.

You shouldn’t skip routine eye checkups

eye doctor appointmentEyes are referred to as the windows to the soul, but we don’t think of them as windows to our health. If you don’t wear glasses or contacts or have any other eye problems, you might not see the value in visiting an optometrist for a checkup. You may think it’s a waste of time and money, but you should consider what you are missing from a health perspective. Visiting an eye doctor will help you detect eye problems before they develop and help spot signs of other diseases as well.

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