5 ways to keep your eyes healthy for years

maintaining-eye-healthIf you think that your vision is something that was determined by your genetics before you were even born, you’re only partially right. If nearsightedness or farsightedness run in the family, you may need glasses. However, you can avoid a lot of eye problems and keep your vision healthy and sharp for years to come if you live a healthy lifestyle and pay attention to your eye health.

Your mom was right: Reading in low-light may harm your eyes

reading-and-eye-healthAs a child, you probably heard your mother or teacher tell you that reading in low light would cause irreparable harm to your eyes. It turns out that your mom was only partially right. It is true that reading in low light may cause your eyes to suffer some uncomfortable symptoms, but thankfully your mom was wrong about long-term or permanent eye damage. At most, reading in low light may cause you some discomfort in the form of eyestrain.

Vision, eye health, and sports

images/blog/vision-health-and-sports.jpgWhen it comes to preparing for sports and physical activities, most of us think first about strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, and nutrition. However, healthy eyes are just as important for sports performance as the health of the rest of your body. Good vision is important in both competitive and recreational sports, and involves numerous aspects of your vision working together to form a cohesive ability to quickly move from one vision task to another. Even minor vision problems may have a significant impact on your athletic performance if left untreated. Be sure to make regular vision examinations an integral part of your athletic preparation.

Sudden vision loss and artery health

vision-loss-and-arteriesWhat do your vision and arteries have in common? Initially, you might think not much. After all, your vision is a function of the eyes and your arteries are related to your heart, right? Well, it turns out that your arteries and vision are closely linked. While a number of conditions and injuries may cause vision loss, poor artery health may also be the culprit.

Four habits to break now for healthier, happier eyes

maintaining-healthy-eyesightWho wouldn’t want happier, healthier eyes? Although there are a number of factors over which we have no control — aging and family medical history, for example — there are a number of other habits we engage in on a regular basis that may or may not be good for our eyes. For happier, healthier eyes, consider breaking the following four habits today!

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