Common causes of dry, itchy eyes and how to treat them

treating-dry-itchy-eyesIf your eyes get dry, itchy, and red at the same time every year – when the ragweed blooms, for example – you probably know what’s causing the problem. Similarly, if your eyes become teary, itchy, and dry on a windy, dry day, you can rest assured that they’ll go back to normal when you go inside and get away from the dry, windy (and most likely dusty) air that’s irritating your eyes.

However, if you’re suffering from dry eyes, and there’s no obvious allergen or other cause, you might have reason for concern, especially if the problem is ongoing. Let’s discuss some of the causes of dry eyes and how they’re treated.

Give your eyes a break: How work and recreation habits affect your vision

lifestyle-habits-and-visionDo you find yourself getting headaches a lot when you’ve been sitting at your computer for too long? Are your eyes tired at the end of the day, whether you’ve been at work or at play? It might be time for a visit to the eye doctor, but first let’s talk about how your daily activities affect your eyes, and about some of the ways you can give them a rest for better vision and more energy.

Too much time looking at the screen

When you’re at work, you probably spend a good amount of time at a computer. When you’re not at the computer, you’re probably in a meeting, looking at a projector screen, or at lunch, reading text messages and catching up on Facebook and Instagram on your phone or tablet.

Frequent headaches could be a symptom of a vision problem

frequent-headaches-and-visionIf you’ve been getting a lot of headaches lately, you may assume that it’s just stress, your diet, or poor hydration. People get headaches for all kinds of reasons, and these are good assumptions most of the time. However, you may be experiencing headaches because you’re straining your eyes.

Vision problems often sneak up on us. Because they often develop over time, we don’t tend to notice that faraway objects are blurrier than they once were, or that shifting from focusing on a computer screen to focusing on a person across the room is a little slower or more difficult than it once was. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to your symptoms, and one of the key symptoms of a vision problem is often a persistent headache.

LASIK: What to expect from surgery

lasik-surgery-expectationsIf you’ve worn glasses or contact lenses for most of your life, you probably can’t wait to get rid of them. Imagine never having to push your glasses up onto your nose again and never having the weight of them sitting on the bridge of your nose or squeezing your temples. Think of how nice it would be to wear any type of sunglasses you like without worrying about your prescriptions.

LASIK surgery has given this freedom to many people, so why not you? The idea of surgery on your eyes might have you feeling a bit timid, or maybe you’re just not sure about having a procedure done that you know so little about. Here’s what to expect from every aspect of your LASIK surgery.

Detached retina: Spotting symptoms and getting treated

detached-retina-symptomsYour retinas are essential to your vision. The process of seeing objects and people in front of you is really a matter of light passing through your retinas to the optic nerve and then to the brain. A torn or detached retina, if left untreated, can result in partial or total blindness in the affected eye. However, if you can spot the problem early and get treatment quickly, full vision can be restored with minimally invasive surgery and a fairly short recovery time.

How to to spot a detached retina

Almost everyone experiences floaters, those tiny, squiggly black or translucent shapes that you hardly notice as you focus past them on the subject at hand throughout your day. However, an increase in floaters can indicate a problem with your retina. Similarly, seeing flashing lights can be an indicator of a retinal problem.

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